“…unparalleled connections and expertise.”

How It Works

It’s really quite simple.

By now, you know what we do – we plan private custom-designed travel, offering all services from start to finish: hotels, private guides, drivers, and – our pride and joy – our absolutely unique special experiences.

No two trips are the same and we like it that way.

It begins with a conversation

Either by phone or in person. We are in New York City and we love visitors.

We want to learn about you and will ask lots of questions about your priorities, your pace, your needs, your budget, and more. Tell us about your passions and we will tell you about our connections.

We do our best to be good at listening, and we are happy to share our own opinions after more than 20 years in the business.

Think of us as your travel muse. We want to inspire you, and we want to plan the perfect trip for you.

If you work with a professional travel advisor, let us know; we are happy to work with them as well.

Off to the laboratory​

We use our wisdom, our expertise, and our years of extensive travel in our destinations to design the perfect trip for you.

We will create a detailed itinerary. It will be clear what is included and what is not. It will include a price and tell you the story of your trip.

We get as excited as you will, we hope, about where you are going, what you are doing, where you are staying, and who you will be meeting. We have spent years scouring each country for the very best guides and specialists, and we are excited that you will be spending time with them.

We know what an amazing trip you have in front of you; it is our job to communicate that to you.

Almost there

You get the itinerary.
You get excited.

You may accept it as is, or you may want to tweak it.

Don’t be shy. Ask us why we selected a certain route or a certain hotel. The answers may surprise you.

And if you have a concern, be honest. Whether it’s price, what you are doing, how you are doing it, or where you are staying, let us know. It’s your vacation.

No commitment is necessary until you are happy. We work on good faith and we will revise your itinerary until you are pleased with it.

It’s perfect

You love it! We knew you would. You place a deposit on your trip.

We make all the reservations and other arrangements. Although minor tweaks and additions are not a problem, to us this is your commitment.

Prior to your departure, we will send you a confirmed itinerary and helpful information – some advice, cultural clues, what to pack, a list of restaurants, and more.

And then is the hard part…you have to wait for the magic day to arrive.

Settle in to your seats, as we are about to land

This is when it goes from great service to the magic of travel-done-right.

Your main point of contact is no longer the New York City team, but the local in-country team standing by to make sure everything goes perfectly. Of course, they have been in the picture since the beginning, and the New York City team remains in the loop during your travels.

You will have a 24/7 contact number should you need anything, from a change in time for a dinner reservation, to a doctor in the middle of the night. You are far from home and in a new place. We are always just a phone call away.

Back already?

Your vacation flew by.

We know you pretty well by now, and we want to hear all about it.

If you want, send us your favorite picture or video.

And we will wait to hear from you when you are ready to plan your next trip to Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt or sub-Saharan Africa.