“You really opened our eyes to a part of the world that is different than any place we have been in the past.”

Lyle Benson

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.” -Henry Miller

There’s the Greece you know and that one that remains a bit mythical. It’s the crossroads of civilization, both because of its geographical position and its storied history, present even today in the plethora of ancient settlements and archeological treasures. It’s no wonder so many yearn to experience its iconic beauty, partake in its traditions and dine on its glorious cuisine, all while drinking in the dramatic views, from the sparkling sea to the lofty mountains.

The quintessential Grecian vacation conjures up images of white-sand beaches and sparkling seas (the sun shines 300 days a year here!), and tempts the palate for the indulgent, yet health-minded local diet, based on olive oils, produce, fish, nuts and, of course, fantastic wines. Allow us to capture that dreamy vision and make it a reality, showing you the quietest beaches, remote villages untouched by crowds and our favorite seaside cafes.

In our travels throughout this magnificent country, we’ve discovered off-the-beaten-path treasures, ancient monuments, tucked-away villages, decades-old vineyards and warm, welcoming residents ready to share their stories with us. Depending on your travel tastes, we can arrange a bespoke journey, from the mainland to the isles and back again, partaking in the cultural and culinary riches of the country.

There’s a connection to the past everywhere we turn, and throughout our carefully curated trips, we strive to provide insight and authenticity, the true Greece, with its remarkable blend of old and new. Whether you’re hiking Mt. Lycabettus or dancing under the stars in Athens’ Karitsi Square, savoring Cretan delicacies at a seaside café or touring a verdant olive orchard perched on a craggy cliff above the ocean, your senses will awaken and you’ll feel the rush that comes from knowing you have truly experienced a new destination in all its glory.

Museums unlock the historic, cultural, artistic and folkloric traditions of the country, as do visits to tiny villages, where you may enjoy a hearty meal or join in a folk dance with the local residents, who are always beyond thrilled to welcome visitors into their lives and share their hospitable spirit.

And what’s a proper vacation without the proper feasting – as you wind your way through the country and the isles, you’ll taste tangy homemade tzatziki, indulge in crumbling feta and sweet soft cheeses and sink into souvlaki. Sample wines from grapes that have bathed in the Mediterranean sunlight and toast your world travels with traditional ouzo. Fresh produce and seasonal herbs infuse every meal, from family-owned gastropubs and guesthouses to renowned Michelin-starred restaurants.

No matter the time of year, the drama of Greece unfolds before you. From the lively summers to the still bright, yet quieter winters, this is a country that will beguile, charm and enchant you – and live forever in your soul. In such a storied country, we will help you tell your own tale – head over to our Idea Lab to see how we can help you craft your extraordinary journey.

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