“The trip exceeded our expectations in so many respects. And every bit of the planning and preparation done by you was superb. Not a single detail was missed.”

Nancy Kutler

Egypt is a time capsule – mysterious, mystical and mighty, from its Great Pyramids to its immense Nile River. So much more than just pyramids and mummies, today’s Egypt inspires one to dig deep into this cradle of civilization.

“From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

An Egypt vacation immerses travelers in more than 7,000 years of history – ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, Islamic dynasties to modern metropolises. With vast and beautiful deserts, fresh oases, simple villages, chaotic metropolises, tranquil Red Sea resorts, the palm-lined Nile and awe-inspiring, sand-swathed monuments, there’s a place for all personalities of traveler.

While the country comprises a mixture of different cultures and religions, a unifying and omnipresent sense of hospitality runs deep in the blood of every Egyptian – a warmness toward one another and a kind embrace to all who visit her.

Should the desert awaken your inner explorer, there’s opportunity to explore miles of it during your private Egypt tour – 95 percent of Egypt’s landscape consists of desert, interspersed with lush oases. Meet Bedouins who carry out centuries-old traditions, camp in the dunes under an impossibly starry night sky, go quad biking or experience the unique thrill of sand boarding in the Great Sand Sea. Marvel at prehistoric rock art in the Swimmers Cave and the gem-like, yellow-green tektite of the natural phenomenon that is Silica Glass Field.

The Nile flows northward from its entrance point near Wadi Halfa, Sudan, and for this reason, the southern border of the country is coined “Upper Egypt.” It is here that history buff travelers are treated to the world’s most intensive concentration of temples, tombs and palaces, all constructed over the course of 4,000 years. The Nile Valley itself is home to the Valley of the Kings, where Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, the Great Pyramid, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing, and the iconic Sphinx. Much of the Egyptian culture and lifestyle depends on the Nile, the country’s lifeblood, and those who choose to cruise this longest of the world’s rivers will get a first-class view of spectacular ancient monuments, as well as local lifestyles.

A rich mosaic of cultures, religions and landscapes, a private Egypt tour presents the increasingly valuable opportunity to become a more educated world citizen. Cairo, the City Victorious, was the focal point of Egypt’s empire and home to medieval Islam and native Coptic Christians. Today, the city is a treasure trove of medieval schools and mosques, minarets and churches – one could spend hours delving solely into religious history, tracing traditions back to the pharaohs.

Moving on from the desert, there are beaches to stroll along, vibrant coral reefs to snorkel and dive and remarkable desert sunrises and sunsets. Some of the most beautiful seafloors in the world are here, along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coastlines. The Red Sea’s coast has, in fact, become the adventure capital of the country with its azure waves, rocky capes, windswept beaches and endless mountain range. Shark dive, snorkel, kite surf, golf, shop, dance – it’s all here.

In our signature, off-the-beaten path style, with local expert guidance, your private Egypt tour will unveil the time capsule that is Egypt, bringing to life its incredibly rich history, its timeless treasures, its cultures and traditions, and its unique and varied natural beauty. Considering it’s a country largely composed of sand and dust, the extensive range of destinations and activities you can enjoy during your Egypt vacation surpasses the imagination. We have the connections that will take you to world-class resorts, ancient treasures, underwater wonders, open-air museum cities like Luxor and Aswan and everything in between. Allow us to be your guide to, in the words of Greek historian Herodotus, the “gift of the Nile.”

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