Projects We Support

Project Soar educates underserved adolescent girls in rural Morocco through a curriculum that helps them recognize their value, voice, body and rights to prepare them for more productive futures.

“Vilar Formoso, Frontier of Peace” is a new museum dedicated to Sousa Mendes, who saved over 10,000 Jewish refugees seeking sanctuary in Portugal during WWII. His efforts are considered the greatest rescue of Jewish refugees by any singular individual in Europe.

SanWild is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility and sanctuary in South Africa that is creating the first private Intensive Protection Zone for white rhinos to protect them from the intensifying poaching and trade in rhino horn.

METAdrasi provides critical services to migrating refugees, particularly unaccompanied children in Greece and is the only organization that retains a permanent front-line presence in all key entry and exit locations.


“Leading the way in Travel with Meaning.”

Virtuoso Life

Responsibility Matters

We believe that – when done right – tourism can be a force for good, one person at a time.

Some people call it philanthropy. As a company that promotes tourism as a means to a more connected and peaceful world, we call it our responsibility.

It has always been our core belief that tourism is a two-way street. Simply put, we feel it’s right to give back to the places that give so much to our clients.

And now, with the support of The Bodhi Tree Foundation, our non-profit sister organization, our clients are able to give back too.

The Bodhi Tree Foundation was established by travelers for travelers to enable the travel industry and individuals to fund grassroots initiatives that support people in need, protect cultural heritage and conserve our planet’s biodiversity. The Foundation partnered with our team to identify and then vet worthy projects to support in a number of our destinations. Each was selected after being carefully reviewed to ensure their projects are measurable and sustainable. Today, a portion of the proceeds from every trip that Heritage Tours sells goes to these incredible organizations. And there are additional projects from our other destinations that will be added soon.

With the help of The Bodhi Tree Foundation, we can arrange for you to have more in-depth experiences with each of the projects we support, where you will have the opportunity to meet some truly remarkable people. Many clients ask if this is depressing. It is the exact opposite – clients find it educational, uplifting, and positive.

We want you to come back and tell us that your trip with us was the best of your life. But we know we have truly done our job well when, on top of that, you return with a deeper understanding of something, having broadened your perspective, or perhaps questioned assumptions you previously held.

We have chosen to be a force for change. You have a choice as well – in how you travel. We would urge you to travel with companies whose values reflect your own.

By doing so, you will not only enhance the lives of others, but you will enhance your own.