“…seem to know everyone worth knowing in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Turkey and South Africa.”

Group Travel

We have ample experience designing out-of-the-ordinary travel for groups and institutions of all sorts: museums, philanthropic groups, faith-based organizations (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim), alumni groups, academic institutions, and professional groups.

We create trips for affinity groups (industry-speak for people with a shared interest) in gastronomy, wine, history, art, architecture and design, religious heritage, and other areas of interest.

We design incentive trips, meetings, and product launches.

Many of the trips we have planned for clients celebrating a birthday or anniversary have well exceeded 100 people.

After 20 years of experience, the logistics – in countries that are often perceived to be challenging – are easy.

But there is one thing that makes our group trips different: that we approach them with the same creativity, intelligence, and care that goes into a completely bespoke trip for a party of two.

Our itineraries are out-of-the-box and insightful. They offer access to special people and places in alignment with your group’s mission.

We work with your group leaders and staff to understand your goals.

We know that your trip is a reflection of your institution and must reflect those goals and identity. All while making it look effortless.

We make each participant feel special; all while making you look good and reinforcing your brand and the purpose of your trip.

So, back to our name – group travel often suffers because it is formulaic and routine. There is a sense that seamless logistics preclude amazing experiences. We have never seen a reason as to why they should be mutually exclusive and we partner with you to ensure that your trip is special.

What we provide your group – whether large or small – is the best of what we do for our individual clients.