“The trip exceeded our expectations in so many respects. And every bit of the planning and preparation done by you was superb. Not a single detail was missed.”

Nancy Kutler

Thaalab Sahara: Our Private Encampment

The further into the desert you venture, the more the Sahara belongs to you. That’s exactly why we decided to create our own private encampment there – to give you the chance to experience the world’s largest desert as it was meant to – in blissful serenity.

Here you find yourself alone in the ravishing, unbounded beauty of the Sahara. It’s just you and the elements – sand and wind, sky and stars.

Upon arrival at our encampment, nicknamed Thaalab Sahara, you’ll ride camelback up and around one of the nearby dunes. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try your luck at sandboarding down the other side.

At dusk you’ll stop to take in the sunset from your private perch in the sand. It’s this moment, as the sun slowly fades away and the stars begin to come out, that you’ll truly feel the epic scale of the Saharan sky.

You’ll return to camp and to a roaring campfire. Cocktails are followed by a traditional Berber dinner before you retire to your tent for the evening.

Our exclusive encampment can welcome parties of up to six. The site is comprised of three private bedroom tents, each with an en-suite bathroom, as well as a communal dining tent.