“You really opened our eyes to a part of the world that is different than any place we have been in the past.”

Lyle Benson


“Petra is a brilliant display of man’s artistry in turning barren rock into a majestic wonder.” – Edward Dawson

“Not even Burkhardt, who was the first civilized man to see the place in a thousand years, described that temple properly; because you can’t. It is huge – majestic – silent – empty – aglow with all the prism colors in the morning sun. And it seems to think.” – Talbot Mundy

Petra is a showstopper and every bit as magical as you hope it to be. Embrace your inner explorer as you navigate to Petra, which emerges like a mirage from the desert. This rose-red ancient city known as “Sela” in the Bible – and Petra today –was lost to the world for five centuries until its rediscovery in 1812. Our favorite way to approach is by horseback.

You’ll enter through a narrow gorge carved in the sandstone which opens to a stunning view of the Treasury (which enjoyed cinematic fame as the resting place of the Holy Grail). The World Heritage Site today features palaces, temples, tombs and more, all carved from soft stone cliffs. Masterful masonry makes for architectural surprises at every turn, from the Treasury to the Outer Siq, the 7,000-seat Theatre to the Roman Soldier’s Tomb.