“You really opened our eyes to a part of the world that is different than any place we have been in the past.”

Lyle Benson

Amman & Northern Jordan

“Jordan has a strange, haunting beauty and a sense of timelessness. Dotted with the ruins of empires once great, it is the last resort of yesterday in the world of tomorrow.” – Hussein of Jordan

Venture through the lush hills and valleys of northern Jordan to the ancient city of Jerash, the most complete and well-preserved city of the Roman Empire and whose archaeological treasures are renowned for their state of preservation. Hadrian’s Arch reminds us of the city’s wealth and power centuries ago, under an emperor’s rule. Nearby, Ajloun is a delightful destination for walking and picnicking – seek shade beneath a tree in one of the most southerly natural pine forests in the world. Trek along quiet hillside trails in the Ajloun Forest Reserve, taking time to explore the castle in Karak, one of the finest examples of Crusader military construction.

Amman is the country’s capital and strikingly modern among Middle Eastern cities – here you’ll soak in the vibrant downtown market and city center. Don’t miss the Roman ruins in the downtown sector and the local favorite souqs and coffeehouses for an authentic experience.

In Madaba, the city of mosaics, pore over the oldest known mosaic map of the Holy Land. From Mount Nebo, where Moses stood and gazed over the Promised Land of Canaan, you’ll drink in the modern-day views of the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho and Bethlehem.