“In a world where most stand still and fail to be imaginative Heritage Tours Private Travel is one these companies that truly stands out for their passion to constantly try to be innovative and to reinvent the concept of the travel experience.”

– Serge Dive, CoFounder, ILTM (International Luxury Travel Mart), PURE Life Experiences and We Are Africa.


Aswan is considered by many to be Egypt’s prettiest city and has been the southern section of the country’s strategic and commercial gateway since antiquity – think of it as the more laidback sister city to Cairo and Luxor. The Nile is at its most majestic here, as it flows around lush islands carpeted in palms and past boulders adorned with ancient hieroglyphics – you’ll quickly see why this is such a favored wintertime destination on your private Aswan tour.

Your immersive private Aswan tour will find you visiting the small city’s numerous monuments, including the High Dam Aswan; the Granite Quarries (the source of so many of the Luxor obelisks); the Temple of Philae, the last ancient temple built in classical Egyptian architectural style; and the famous Unfinished Obelisk. Ride a camel to St. Simeon Monastery. Set out on a late-afternoon, private felucca cruise around Elephantine Island with a stop on the west bank to muse at the Mausoleum of Aga Khan and capture awe-inspiring, panoramic views of Aswan.

The west bank is filled with tombs of princes, spanning from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period, including the 6th Dynasty tombs, with their brilliant wall paintings depicting everyday scenes from ancient life. Spend an afternoon at the Nubian Museum – a treasure trove of pieces recovered before the flooding of Nubia.

Savor afternoon tea with local shopkeepers, who love to practice their English with travelers and offer insight into their daily lives. Shop for Nubian talisman, baskets, African masks and produce at the charming Sharia as-Souq. And at the end of your delightful private Aswan tour, we’ll arrange for a table at one of the city’s wonderful floating restaurants, where you’ll dine heartily on locally caught, freshly grilled fish with tart lemon and ripe tomatoes while listening to live Nubian music.