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Abu Simbel

“The great rock temple of Abu Simbel is the finest of all the rock temples in the Nile Valley.”
– Margaret A. Murray, author

Though the small village of Abu Simbel is often overlooked by mainstream tourism – and, perhaps, thankfully so – we are able to provide delightfully intimate, private Abu Simbel tours, as well as overnights. Stroll through the colorful market, add to your life list when you glimpse the yellow-billed storks and pink-backed pelicans of Lake Nasser and capture the amazing light and sound shows at the temples each evening.

Indeed, the magnificent temples of Abu Simbel built by Ramses II command the banks of Lake Nasser in Nubia and are the city’s main draw. Known as the Nubian Monuments, the UNESCO World Heritage Site was relocated to its current location in 1968, protecting the monuments from submersion during the creation of the lake. Proudly, they serve as a lasting tribute to Ramses II and his queen, Nefertari. Should you find yourself there in late February or late October (typically the 22nd), you’re in for a treat as the first rays of the morning sun shine the whole length of the temple and illuminate the innermost shrine.

Spending a night or two on a private Abu Simbel tour allows for a more relaxed sightseeing pace and the benefit of visiting the temples at any time of day, avoiding the tourist crowds of early morning. Dine on hearty Nubian cuisine, drink in their music, meet the locals and perhaps venture into the desert. Your private Abu Sibel tour will include comfortable accommodations, off-hours temple visits, wonderful meals and more – you won’t regret spending the extra time in this special city.