Cape Town

It is easy to be seduced by Cape Town. And seduction, as we know, can be exhilarating.

From the minute you arrive, you realize that Cape Town is a world-class city in a setting that is virtually unsurpassed. It immediately impresses you and, at the same time, puts you at ease.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a city that is exceedingly friendly, open-minded, diverse, and sophisticated? It is here that the forward-thinking generation called “Born Frees” (those who were born or grew up after the fall of apartheid) is having their greatest impact in music, art, gastronomy, and in a larger way, the shaping of their country.

Nature is such a strong presence here that it is easy to be seduced into feeling like you are not really in a city. Table Mountain, Lions Head, and Signal Hill are seemingly always present, and every drive or walk offers ever-changing vistas with the Atlantic Ocean or Table Bay in the background.

We love to help make Cape Town’s even more seductive by curating your dining, arranging private gallery explorations, or offering you bespoke shopping tours that explore the buzzing fashion and design scenes that have made this city such a hot spot.We can arrange for special entrée to one of South Africa’s most important historic monuments, which is closed to the public.

As is true of all love affairs, if they’re real, parting from Cape Town will be difficult. When it’s time to leave, you’ll be very, very tempted to stay just one more day (or two). The reason it is so hard to leave is that by your second or third day here, you start to envision yourself moving to Cape Town and starting life anew. And you can’t get that thought out of your mind.

As your departure approaches, you might find yourself trying to think up an excuse to try just one more restaurant opened by a talented young chef trying to make a name for his or herself. Or to catch a weekend market. Or to return to dramatic Cape Point. Or to catch a springtime concert in the brilliant botanical gardens. Or to join a bunch of locals for a full moon bike ride. Or to return to Bo Kaap for more photos. Or to explore the beach scene at Camps Bay. Or to ride the cable car to Table Mountain one more time.

There are a lot of excuses when you have become so captivated by a place. All other things considered, that departure is why we generally like to schedule Cape Town at the start of a trip. Because you will get on that plane, albeit wistfully. But the only reason you will board is because what waits on the rest of your trip might just be even more seductive.