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JJena Gardner – CEO

I may appear to be a New Yorker now, but I’m really a Montana girl. I don’t think I will ever stop loving the great outdoors: Montana’s enormous sky, its horses, and its wide-open spaces engraved themselves on my heart at a young age. When I travel, I find it’s the elements of places that remind me of my childhood that I love the most. Not surprisingly, Africa is at the top of my list, and the focus of many of the travel sustainability efforts of the foundation I co-founded – The Bodhi Tree Foundation. I want to make sure that the world’s special destinations are around for my sons – triplet boys under the age of five – to experience someday. I’m so thankful they inherited my love of the outdoors – I don’t think our house would still be standing if not.

NNeil Weidberg – President

I’m a Brooklyn-born, podcast-obsessed dad with two lovely, and loud, kids. I half-heartedly try to get to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I secretly love Excel and FileMaker Pro (others in the office do not as much). I like to hike in New Hampshire, and I love food courts anywhere, but I learned a long time ago to never eat the free samples no matter how yummy they look. I got to know a small family of baboons in South Africa once. They were unusually hospitable. Maybe I should go back and visit them again.

JJoel A. Zack – Chief Visionary Dude

I knew I would be an architect by the time I was in fourth grade. How an architect – I am one, actually – ended up in this business is a story way too long for this profile, but for me there is only one way to recharge my batteries: hit the road. Everyone loves to ask me, “where is your favorite place to go?” And the answer is always the most recent place I have been. When I’m not on the road, I love my life in New York: work, rare visits to the gym, less rare visits to the theatre (spectating only, can’t act worth a darn) and summer evenings on my building’s rooftop in Greenwich Village with a glass of Spanish Priorat.

A Ally Lewing – Spain and Portugal

My favorite passions? Hmmm…enjoying a gin and tonic on the beach, while the sun sets, is certainly one of them. Baking and shopping are both always fun. With a background in the hotel industry, I have a soft spot for hotels that are truly unique and I love many of the ones that we use in Spain and Portugal. Most of all, I’m a die-hard fan of futbol – the European kind. I grew up playing soccer and I think it is truly the world’s sport. It can be played on any surface with any type of makeshift goal. All you need is a ball. And for me, there is nothing like El Clasico in Spain – when Real Madrid and Barcelona take to the field. Not only because the games are so competitive, but because the fans on both sides offer some of the best people watching I know.

A Ariel Spodek – Morocco

I am a native New Yorker and I follow the food, always. Two constant questions on my mind are “what’s my next meal?” and “where am I eating next?”. My curious palate goes hand-in-hand with my never-ending urge to travel and experience the wonders of the world, as cheesy as that may sound. I have an ever-growing travel bucket-list, and an even longer list of must-try restaurants, both in New York and abroad. When I’m not researching all of my future destinations and adventures, you can often find me on a yoga mat or spending quality time with my family on Long Island. And if you still can’t find me, I’ll be with my dog.

CCameron MacMillan – Africa

As the son of a developer and interior designer, I began my travels at a very young age while developing a passion for the world’s top properties. I took that passion into my professional career where I found myself planning luxury group trips to Africa, Peru, Bolivia, India, Iceland, and countless more at a boutique travel agency here in New York City. Africa always held a special place in my heart and I yearned to focus my efforts planning incredible private safaris for individual clients. I live here in New York City where I was born and raised, and there isn’t a restaurant, beer garden, or golf course I won’t try at least once. I can’t wait to share my affinity for Africa and all it holds with you.

GGinger Hill – Africa

I’ve seen quite a bit – from my birthplace in Kentucky to South Africa to New York City. I have taught school in Kentucky, sold safaris in Johannesburg, and spent 20 years biking, hiking, and canoeing all over the continent. After work you can often find me at a Broadway show – certainly any with Hugh Jackman. In my 20 years in South Africa I was a witness to history. I witnessed the release of Nelson Mandela from prison, stood in line six hours to vote in the first free elections, and shed a tear as the Springboks won the 1995 Rugby World Cup, right in Johannesburg – an event which restored South African pride and marked their return to the world stage.

JJamie Maxner – Israel & Jordan

Here’s something you probably didn’t expect: I’m an undefeated dodgeball champ! Aside from the dodgeball glory, I’m also proud to share that I am a Brooklynite and a self-proclaimed cheese monger. When I’m not exploring my own backyard—uncovering new spots, wandering the charming brownstone streets and taste testing my way through a cheese shop—then I’m deepening my love for Israel and Jordan. I spent a year living in Israel during which I made lifelong friends and got to see corners of the country few short-term visitors even know about. After returning to the states, I’ve been fortunate enough to return to Israel at least once a year and can’t wait to introduce others to this region that is rich in culture and beauty.

JJohn Petrullo – Spain & Greece

As a New Yorker through and through, you bet I take every chance I get to escape the city. That’s why, after college, I landed in New Orleans on an AmeriCorps assignment. While there I learned 4 truths: I wanted to connect with people across the globe, I would never stop exploring the world, that Frenchman Street is hands down the place to go for jazz, and beignets are overrated. Don’t tell me, you love beignets… We may not agree on pastries, but I know we’ll agree Spain is unforgettable. Here’s how I know: after New Orleans I lived in Madrid for two years, spending my weekends and every dime I made seeing the country end to end. Now, I can’t stop talking about it. Luckily, it’s my job to share Spain with as many curious travelers as possible!

LLockett Reed

When I meet new people, often the first thing I’m asked is the origin of my name, Lockett—it’s my mother’s maiden name. It’s a great conversation starter wherever I go: I grew up on the East Coast, went to college in Wisconsin, studied abroad in Rome, taught English in Spain, and worked on Capitol Hill and I have yet to meet another Lockett! Once you get to know me, you’ll quickly learn I have many hobbies including reading, cooking, exercising and spending time with my family and friends. But, what never changes is my love for travel. When I’m not planning trips for clients, I’m daydreaming of my own adventures abroad.

LLyndsey Balog – Morocco

Born and raised just north of NYC, I am a self-proclaimed yoga addict, music lover and passionate photographer. If I’m not researching a trip (mine or yours), then I’m in a studio, checking out a concert or finding the right angles for my photographs. I believe sharing a travel experience is everlasting and I am constantly looking for my next adventure in a faraway land: I’ve never been disappointed relaxing in a hammock on a pristine beach. As a photographer, I’m drawn to Morocco. It’s a visual paradise filled with every landscape and color you can imagine. Plus, there’s olive bread, bastilla, tagine, and couscous… I could go on.

MMike Korn – Morocco

I’m a sports fanatic, Vermonter at heart, and craft beer enthusiast – so, a round of golf and sipping a Switchback Ale is the perfect Sunday afternoon. I like to unwind with early evening treks through Central Park with my wife and our Welsh terrier. I love to quote movies – ask me any line in a Mel Brooks or Bill Murray film – and I sing random song lyrics all day long, although you won’t find me on American Idol. When I get hungry, my mind starts to wander to Istanbul – I imagine the waft of freshly baked simit (Turkish bagels) in the morning, accompanied by a strong cup (is there any other type?) of Turkish coffee, and start to wonder what my next excuse for a trip will be.

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